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The artificial humours

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Frames Portuguese Film Festival


“September” (Leonor Noivo)

Fiction, 33 min
Nights and days roll in like a braking train. Mother and son return to their country, their city, their past, after years spent abroad. They take diverging paths to reclaim what has been lost; the son in search of an absent father, the mother seeking the possibility of love. From this confrontation a new gesture is born — the beginning of a metamorphosis, a reencounter in a time and space that is theirs only.

“Teresa” (Tânia Dinis)

Experimental, 5 min
The fragmented image of an intimate record. The impression left by moments forgotten in time, but ready to emerge from oblivion to enable the telling of a possible story: the story which we want to behold.

“Laura” (Tânia Dinis)

Experimental, 11 min
Laura is an essay film whose inception began from a project of research and collection of familial photographical archives. It departs from the exploration of the notion of images as bygone experiences in time which, from that timelessness, expand in space, thus creating small narrative moments.

“Delphine Imprisoned” (Ricardo Pinto de Magalhães)

Film essay, 6 min
I can't help but having the feeling that Delphine Seyrig was constantly trapped in her films. Trapped in time, space, memory, routine, to a certain place and many others types of prisons. This film essay tries to prove this while at the same time, trapping her once again, perhaps forever, in this film, which can also work as a loop.

“The Artificial Humours” (Gabriel Abrantes)

Fiction, 29 min
A film about humor, anthropology and artificial intelligence. It focuses on how humor is central to human relationships across, used as a form of social control, and one of the most complex forms of communication. The film was shot in Mato Grosso (Canarana and the Yawalapiti and Kamayura villages inside the Xingu Indigenous Park) and São Paulo. Blending a certain Hollywood aesthetic with documentary approaches, the film tells the story of an indigenous girl who falls in love with a robot that is a rising stand up comedian in Brazil. 





18 mars 2018


  • Ordinarie:80 kr
  • Pensionär:50 kr
  • Studerande:50 kr


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